In gathering the information for the preparing of this section about the church's history, we are aware that it is incomplete. We regret that very early church records (1907 - 1909) cannot be located. For the information that is presented, we have strived to be as accurate as possible on documents reviewed.

We realize that there are many more historical events, memories and personal stories that are not presented, but we hope that this information will be a starting point for you to share those other events, memories and stories with your family and friends.

We are very grateful to those who worked so tirelessly before us, ministering and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and for setting such a great Christian example for each of us to follow.

Without Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, we would have no reason to rejoice, and no reason to keep a church going for over 100 years. We pray that we will continue to share the gospel of Jesus Christ until He comes, because we are:

Here By the Grace of God.



The church was officially organized on July 17, 1907, as "The Scandinavian Evangelical Free Church in the City of Minneapolis, County of Hennepin, and State of Minnesota."

In the first year of Riverside's history, church meetings were held in a tent on the corner of 24th and Franklin. When the weather turned colder, a building was rented at 31st Avenue and 8th Street. Later, a Catholic church building was purchased for $400 and moved from Bloomington Avenue and 27th Street to 25th Avenue South and 8th Street. Because of its location, the church was commonly known as the "25th Avenue Free Church."

In 1958, the congregation moved to its present location on Boardman Street. Prior to the move, the church acquired the building and ministry of Morris Park Chapel, which was a small mission work that was founded in 1927 by Mr. J.A. Anfinsen.

The education building, which was dedicated on November 13, 1969, replaced the Morris Park Chapel building.

Note: The information in a given year is not necessarily in chronological order.


  • No church records found.


  • Income for 1909 is $821.08; expenses $821.00. (2006 equivalent purchasing power = income $18,767.54; expenses $18,445.71)
  • Church sends a delegate to the Anti-Saloon League meeting in Minneapolis (March).
  • Loan funds put into bank at 4% interest.
  • Joint Church/Sunday School picnic at Minnehaha.
  • New furnace installed September/October (stove removed and replaced with furnace).
  • Payment of $250 toward church debt made at beginning of meeting - $260 received during the meeting.
  • Christmas Day morning service held at 5:30 AM ("in the old tradition").
  • At business meetings, the members show appreciation of work done by individuals by standing up.


  • Church sends a notice to protest against a billiard hall between 24th and 25th on Riverside Avenue.
  • Pastor's salary, beginning July 1, is $50/month.
  • Mortgage burning at Thanksgiving Day service.


  • Request the "Sister organization" to visit the ill, poor and those in the hospital every other Friday.
  • Offering taken the first Sunday of each month is to be in addition to the pastor's wages; offering taken the fourth Sunday of each month is for the caretaker.
  • Mission meetings held in April and November.
  • Church is debt free (September).
  • Poor Relief Fund is established.


  • Pastor Albert Nelson submits resignation "some time ago." Members request that he stay and he agrees to do so provided he has more freedom to travel "in the field and not have a set wage."
  • New carpet installed on the platform.
  • The Scandinavian Mission Society of the United States is invited to hold its yearly meeting at the Church.


  • Discussion on how to convince more people to come to the platform to help with singing.
  • One meeting a month to be held at Union Mission.
  • 120 new mahogany-stained birch chairs ordered - separate or in sections.
  • Members decide to support a "native evangelist in a heathen country" but the matter was postponed due to "present unrest in foreign countries."
  • A Bible School is organized. The purpose is to study God's Word, spread written articles and hold meetings outdoors.
  • Twenty-five meetings of the Sister organization were held during the year. It's purpose is to get together and pray and read God's Word as well as collect money for the Sisters of Africa.


  • Use offering from one Sunday to pay for the new gas fixtures installed in the church.
  • Invitation extended to Sallskapet (the Missionary Society) to hold their yearly meeting at the church.


  • Pastor Gottfrid Kallberg is called to serve as pastor of the church.
  • Discussion with police department regarding protection of church property; police department promises to inspect property as often as an officer on duty walks by.
  • Committee is established to construct a container for the coal.
  • Mission meetings held in November. Sister Sabina Jonson promises to attend to "take up the fight against sin and impurity."


  • Pastor Kallberg visits with the city's mayor regarding police protection of church property.
  • Invitation extended to the Scandinavian Missionary Society to hold their yearly meeting at the church.
  • Approval given to purchase a lawn mower.


  • Service Flag is authorized to be purchased. Reason: Emil Pearson has been called to military action.
  • Spanish Flu.


  • Decision to use both Swedish and English in Sunday School in order to attract more children.
  • Salem Church is invited to participate in Easter service.
  • Tent meetings with other Free Churches in the city to be held (July); tent meetings are cancelled because a tent could not be obtained.
  • Pastor Kallberg invites students from Northwestern Bible School to a church meeting (November).
  • An English service to be held one Sunday in January 1920.


  • Electric lights installed at the church.
  • Church has the opportunity to use 10 to 12 singers from the Christian Alliance to lead singing during English services one time a month. As compensation, the singers request their cable car tickets be paid.
  • Friends from Burns, MN contribute generous gifts of farm products and cash during prayer conference.


  • First mention of elected deacons (2 men and 2 women): C.F Swanson, D. Thesall, Sisters O. Kasperson, Clara Anderson.
  • Church approves Pastor Kallberg's participation in extended meetings (March 8-20, 1921) at Free Church of St. Paul.
  • Church approves the purchase of a dozen songbooks for the choir.
  • Church decides to use formal membership applications.
  • Members are presented with a building proposal for an addition to be added to the east side of the church and the digging up of the basement. Cost to be approximately $2,500; later determined that it would be too expensive considering the small amount of space gained.
  • Youth request approval to form a youth organization.


  • Formation of youth group is approved.


  • Fred Nelson (Moline, IL) is asked to lead one week extra meetings; if unable, suggestion was made to ask A. Thorvald [Thorwall] (Princeton, MN).
  • Approval given to purchase a new organ. Youth organization donates $100 toward the $166.25 purchase price.


  • Additional deacons added - 2 male ; 2 female.
  • Official church letterhead and envelopes are printed.
  • Minnesota District organization of the Free Church makes a request to hold its biannual meeting at the church in May.
  • Building plan to create seating for about 450 is approved. Building cost approximately $9,000 and the total cost, including heating, plumbing, chairs, etc. is approximately $12,000.


  • Revisions to certain previously-approved sections of the constitution are approved and the remainder of the constitution is adopted; old constitution officially discarded (August).


  • Approximately 52 in Sunday School and 24 in Cradle Roll.
  • New song books purchased - "Hemlands Klocken."
  • Pastor Kellberg announces his resignation with a farewell sermon to be on June 27. Members vote down his resignation in May. Pastor Kallberg promises to stay.


  • 99 registered in Sunday School; 30 in Cradle Roll.
  • Church begins publication of a paper called "Ledstjarnan" (The Guiding Star).


  • Membership at beginning of the year is 98.
  • Pastor Kallberg and J.P Anderson travel to see John Bloomquist in Bock (currently holds second mortgage on the church) regarding borrowing money to pay off the first mortgage.


  • Membership at the beginning of the year is 108.
  • 130 participating in Sunday School (including Cradle Roll and teachers).


  • First reference to a String Band and their work with singing.
  • Pastor Kallberg has been with the church 14 years.
  • Youth organization ministers at two missions. (i) Gateway Mission at 117 Nicollet and (ii) 35 Washington Avenue.
  • Pastor Kallberg is given time off to travel to Sweden. Fred Nelson (Buffalo) is asked to fill in during Pastor Kallberg's absence.
  • Prior to Sweden trip, Pastor Kallberg will try English services one time a month for two months.
  • One of the church organs is to be donated to the church in Blackduck.
  • Church debt is paid off ($3,500 in debt paid off in less than five years). Mortagage is burned September 28.
  • Samples of English songbooks to be obtained; later in the year new English songbooks are authorized to be purchased.


  • Pastor Kallberg's resignation is accepted. Farewell sermon on a Sunday in November.


  • Pastor S. Paul Carlyss is called to serve as pastor of the church effective May 1.
  • English services are approved for Sunday evenings in April and May.
  • English to be spoken for two more months.
  • Fire occurs in the church some time between January 1 and February 4.


  • Pastor Carlyss is authorized to transmit a sermon on the radio.
  • Pastor Carlyss speaks at the district conference held at Pepin Hill Free Church (Pepin, WI).


  • FCYF begins publication of "The Courier."


  • Pastor Carlyss requests and is granted a four month leave of absence to travel to Sweden.
  • FCYF takes on the responsibility of having a service on the second Tuesday of each month at the Christian Workers' Mission.
  • Contract Agreement entered into by the FCYF regarding the ownership of the cottage at Buffalo is approved.


  • On Decoration Day, several from the FCYF group go out early to work on the cottage at Buffalo and then have a "union outing" with Fremont Tabernacle.
  • FCYF holds street meetings every Saturday in the summer at 5th and Cedar.


  • Pastor Carlyss' resignation not accepted by member vote; resignation is accepted at a later date.
  • 30th Anniversary special meetings are held in the fall.
  • Board is responsible to correctly translate the constitution and present it at the yearly meeting.
  • Rev. Thornhill is to be the speaker during prayer week and the following Sunday (end of December and January 1938).
  • First year to have all services in English.


  • English version of the constitution accepted (Swedish version obsolete).
  • 1937 total income $2,403.96.
  • Young People's Society hold street meetings at 5th and Cedar.
  • Young People's Society motto is "Each One Win One."
  • Pastor Oscar Johnson is called to serve as pastor of the church; welcome reception held April 4.
  • The church's paper changes from Sweden to English but keeps the name "The Guiding Star."
  • Decision to call the church "The Riverside Free Church."
  • Discussion regarding building a parsonage on the church lot. Committee is set up to investigate.
  • FCYF recommends that the church paper and The Courier be combined into one paper.


  • A proposal is presented to change the name of the church to "The Riverside Free Church."
  • Individuals are to be members at least one year before being elected to the church board or hold an "important" office.
  • Decision to have have church paper published rather than both the "guiding Star" and the "courier" (YP Society paper).
  • Church secretary writes to the United Committee regarding Riverside being in favor of combining the 3 Free Church groups - Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.
  • Business meetings to be held quarterly rather than monthly.
  • FCYF approves its first name change to "The Young People's Society of the Riverside Free Church."


  • Approval given to purchase the house located at 2406 8th Street, Minneapolis, for the parsonage and obtain a loan for $2,250.
  • "... Aim to pray in the members that God would have us receive for His work."
  • Notice of Intention to Vote regarding the name change is posted for two consecutive weeks. Vote is to take place January 24.
  • Name change to "The Riverside Free Church" is approved. Articles of Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation are recorded with the Hennepin County Register of Deeds on January 25, 1940, Book 390 of Misc., Page 278.
  • Pastor Johnson's resignation is accepted.
  • Pastor Willard Vetter is called to serve as pastor of the church.
  • Dedication of the parsonage is held.


  • Pastor Vetter recommends that the church unite with the Salvation Army for tent meetings during the summer.


  • Missionary Board given authority to work out some means by which Riverside could help the church located in Staples, which was destroyed by fire.
  • Former pastors contacted to see if they could participate in the 35th anniversary celebration during the last week of October. Pastors in order of service are: Pastor George Anderson, Pastor Albert Nelson, Pastor G. Kallberg, Pastor S. Carlyss, Pastor O.W. Johnson, Pastor W. Vetter (current).
  • Tent meetings with the Salvation Army are to be held for three weeks ending Sunday, August 2. Tent to be located at 22nd and Franklin.
  • Due to men being called into service, 1943 is the first year a lady serves as President of the Young People's Society.
  • Discussion on how funds could be raised for an active radio program. Pastor Vetter is to appoint a committee.
  • Young People's Society decides to purchase a trailer for use with street meetings.


  • Radio broadcasts begin.
  • Arrangements are made with the State Fair for use of 500 chairs for the tent meetings.
  • Balance of $1,500 id sue on parsonage. Trustee Board is to arrange how to raise the amount.
  • Pastor Bloomquist (Isle) is to cover for Pastor Vetter when Pastor Vetter is scheduled for special services September 4 through October.
  • Young People's Society pledges $50 towards Parsonage Fund, to be paid by April 1, 1944.


  • Currently there are no radio broadcasts because WDGY went off the air at 7 PM and the station could not give the church a time that was a good time to broadcast.
  • Special V-Day program is to be held and three are elected to be on the committee to arrange the program.
  • Radio broadcasts begin in June on WMIN.
  • Money is coming in for the servicemen.
  • Letter is received from Raymond Johnson requesting a letter of recommendation for ordination.
  • First Sunday of every other month is designated as Missionary Sunday.
  • Joint meeting held between the Sunday School Committee, Gospel Team and the Church Board regarding a decision to purchase a bus.
  • Discussions about whether or not to continue the radio broadcasts.
  • George Nichols with the Gospel Team for the last time (May) before going into the service.
  • String Band starts.
  • Young People's Society pledges $100 toward Bus Fund (later reduced to $25).


  • Tent is purchased for tent meeting and plans are made for the down payment on two lots.
  • Women's Fellowship is waiting for the organ purchased from Paul Albinson.
  • At the Annual Conference, it is reported that the EFCA joined The National Association of Evangelicals.
  • Youth Center plans to consolidate with Sunday School.
  • Committee is established for a "welcome home service to servicemen" where a gift would be given them (a Bible is suggested) [Bob Fallt and Leland Pearson are on the committee].
  • Two lots at 22nd and Franklin are purchased for tent meetings. Space leased to Negal (Naegle) Advertising Co. for $2.00/sign/month which is to be applied to the purchase price. Lots are purchased in the church's name since the Tent Committee Constitution is still with the lawyer.
  • Average attendance at DVBS is 225.
  • Sunday School sponsors a Youth Center.
  • Young People's Society decides to give the cottage at Buffalo back to the Conference Board.
  • Young People's Society decides to change its name to "Free Church Youth Fellowship."


  • All advertising on the tent lots is to abolished after October 1.
  • Decision to move forward regarding building onto the church building at an approximate cost of $9,000.
  • Youth Center is given up.
  • 1938 Ford, 42 passenger bus is purchased for $1,500 for use by Sunday School.
  • Each FCYFer is assigned a little brother/sister.


  • Committee is established to plan for the 40th Anniversary celebration to be held October 26 - November 2.
  • Members decide to fix up the church rather than build an extension.
  • Pastor Vetter tenders letter of resignation effective September 1947.
  • For safeguarding the property, Clarence Olson is permitted to use parsonage until a new pastor arrives.
  • Riverside Junior League is formed. Frances Beckmen and Clarence Olson are the sponsors.
  • Pastor Chester Larson is called to serve as pastor of the church (ministry to begin first Sunday in March, 1948). Until Pastor Larson arrives, Pastor Thorwall agrees to help out whenever it is possible for him to come.
  • Sunday School children will be transported to the Sunday School picnic by way of city bus and the Sunday School bus.
  • FCYF objects to paying for long distance calls made by other organizations (FYCF is paying the church phone bill).


  • Deacon Board writes to all inactive members to see if they wish to retain their membership.
  • Sydney Frank (Trinity School) helps out with the choir.
  • Application is submitted for gas heat for the church.
  • Chairpersons of the different organizations within the church are to be members and any exceptions are to be voted on by the church board.
  • Sunday School challenges Gothenberg Free Church in a contest to increase enrollment and attendance. Dates for contest are October 3 - November 14.
  • Ann Eliason (Bell) begins her music ministry by being elected assistant church pianist.


  • Church assumes responsibility for the bus (previously Sunday School).
  • Tent program in conjunction with the Salvation Army.
  • Bus service to pick up Sunday School children is discontinued - at least for the present time (June).
  • Members approve the proposed merger of the Evangelical Free Church Association and the Evangelical Free Church of America.
  • Tom Bell Sr. is hired to drive the Sunday School bus.


  • New furnace is installed.
  • A report on the merger of the Swedish and Norwegian conferences states that Dr. Halleen is elected as president and same board members will serve for the next year.
  • A report at the Minnesota District Conference deals with the purchase of a church and property at Princeton.
  • "Everyone Win One in Fifty-One."
  • Special series of messages with Rev. John Dahlin.
  • Small work is started in the Johnson Quonset project [Gospel Team minutes refer to Quonset huts in Northeast Minneapolis].


  • Jr. Church starts in January and George Nichols is in charge.
  • Pastor Larson's resignation is accepted effective January 1, 1952.
  • Hammond organ is purchased.
  • 1948 pulpit furniture is dedicated.
  • A room is added in the church basement, which is dedicated on December 30.
  • Tent meetings held in July and August. Average attendance is 250. Highest attendance almost 500. Twenty-five conversions reported.


  • Pastor Wallace Bloomquist is called to serve as pastor of the church.
  • Christian Fellowship Club from South High School requests permission to use the church in March (approval is given for them to use the basement).
  • Trustees authorize sale of the parsonage for $9,000 - 10,000 since the cost to repair the parsonage would be about the same or more than the purchase of a new parsonage.


  • Sale of tent lot is approved ($7,625). Use of the church's share of the proceeds are to be used to liquidate the mortgage on the parsonage. Future tent meetings to be determined by the Tent Committee and whether or not they should be held in conjunction with the Salvation Army.
  • Ken Barker is hired as choir director.
  • New pews installed at a price of $1,725. Chairs are to be sold to an interested church at $1.00/each as is.
  • Mrs. George Nichols, Alice Bader and Arthur Forest are on a committee to make plans for a float to advertise the National Sunday School Convention to be held in October (a later business meeting indicates that "all" Evangelical Free Churches would go together on a float).
  • Sunday School contest between Riverside and Berean.
  • Name of the FCYF paper is changed to "Echo" (exact date of change unknown).


  • Decision to discontinue taking the Poor Fund offering.
  • Discussion regarding selling the bus and purchasing a station wagon instead.
  • Morris Park Chapel requests that the church take over their work - facilities and all. It would be given to the church. Trustee Board is given authority to find out the details.
  • Average Sunday School attendance in February is 147.


  • Trustee Board's recommendation to decline the offer from Morris Park Chapel is approved.
  • The Committee that was charged with the responsibility to look for a new parsonage is now charged with looking at the possibility of buying a church.
  • Jr. Young People are being taken care of by Dale and Leila Ras.
  • Decision to relocate the church.
  • Morris Park Chapel work and facilities again available to the church at no cost. The Morris Park Chapel offer, and the purchase of an adjoining lot for $5,000 or less, is approved.
  • Committee is set up to look into plans/ideas concerning the building project.
  • An organized church expresses interest in purchasing the church building, including pews.
  • Steering Committee is set up for the 1957 Jubilee (50 years). Committee includes Carl Johnson, Swan Dahlberg and George Nichols.
  • "Deeper Life" conference with Lester Nelson in February.
  • "Get Right with God" meetings are held with Isaac Anderson (an Army Chaplain) in the Fall.
  • Sunday School bus is sold and a station wagon is purchased.


  • Members approve the sale of the parsonage for $9,700 and the building of a new parsonage.
  • Two lots are purchased from Mr. Nyberg for $975. The lots are two doors away from the Morris Park Chapel.
  • Mr. Eckberg is hired as architect of new church. His fee is 2% of the building cost.
  • Current parsonage is sold to Gilbert Elliott for $9,700.
  • Tent is sold for $650.
  • Special meetings held in September. Rev. Rodney Whittle (Milaca) is speaking and the Lindquists are providing music.
  • Pastor Don Nelson's resignation from the Morris Park Chapel is accepted; Pastor Dale Ras is hired to take over the work at Morris Park Chapel effective September 1.
  • Swan Dahlberg is chairman of the Building Committee.
  • Deacon Board recommends that a Christian Education Board be established; Christian Education Board later holds its first meeting.


  • Members approve the sale of the church building for $18,500.
  • Members approve the Building Committee's recommendation of the plans for the new church building and that plans/construction are not to exceed $52,000.
  • Letter is sent to the parents of Sunday School children the week of February 24 regarding the church's move.
  • Members approve the drawings submitted by the architect.
  • Begin meeting in Chapel buildings approximately April 1.
  • Architect's bid of $64,000 is approved.
  • Committee is established to study names for the new church and are to present their three most suitable names at a quarterly business meeting.
  • $50,000 loan for church building is approved.
  • Dedication of the new church will be on Palm Sunday with Dr. Olson speaking.
  • Corner lot next to Morris Park Chapel is purchased in June.
  • Proposed church names include: Boardman; Bethel; Grace; Gethsemane; Faith; Maranatha.
  • Ground breaking ceremony is held June 16.
  • Bible School offerings are used to purchase nursery cribs.
  • Pastor Larson and George Nichols represent the church at the dedication of Richfield EFC.
  • Work begins on church building in August.
  • Prophetic services with Rev. John Dahlin held in October.
  • FCYF gives the church $50 towards purchase of new songbooks.
  • Move into the new church building the last Sunday of 1957 (even though incomplete) in time for the Christmas program.
  • Land for Camp Shamineau is purchased ($35,000); Buffalo Camp is sold.


  • Amount of the loan is increased by $8,300 to take care of items such as pews.
  • Dedication of sanctuary is held March 29.
  • Pastor Bloomquist's resignation is accepted.
  • Leonard Pearson is asked to represent the church on the committee for the new Bible camp.
  • Cornerstone is laid in October.
  • Parsonage mortgage burning service is held on November 30.
  • Sunday School sends $50 to "camp at Shamineau."
  • Special services with Rev. Wilbur Nelson (services are broadcast each evening over KTIS radio).
  • Proposed 1959 budget is $20,000.
  • Clubs for boys and girls begin (Boys Brigade and Pioneer Girls).


  • Pastor Jackson Derby is called as pastor of the church.
  • Choir given approval to order choir robes.
  • Committee is created to research the facts about having a radio broadcast.
  • Chapel is painted and tile laid.
  • Installation service for Pastor Derby held on June 7.
  • June 11 set as a "welcome" for Pastor Derby.
  • Area between church and chapel is blacktopped.
  • Sunday School class for college age starts.


  • Discussion about the possibility of having a tunnel between the two church buildings. It is later determined that the tunnel would cost about $5,000 and wiring will not meet city code.
  • Members authorize the Trustees to negotiate and purchase the lot between the church and the parsonage.
  • To make room for choir members, the organ is moved from the choir loft to the main floor of the sanctuary.


  • Trustees are authorized to proceed with the purchase of the lot between the church and the parsonage. Lot is purchased for $6,200. House on the lot is available to be rented.
  • Invitation to the North Central District to hold the May 1962 conference at the church.
  • Mimeograph machine is purchased.
  • 1960 average Sunday School attendance is 113; average in 1961 is 125.
  • Change of mid-week service from Tuesday to Wednesday is approved.
  • Wooden coat hangers are purchased.
  • FCYF theme: "What the World Needs is Jesus."


  • Special meetings with Rev. Britton.
  • New FCYF Constitution is adopted.


  • Pastor Derby's resignation is accepted effective June.
  • Pastor Donald Erdmann is called as pastor of the church.
  • Charge to rent the church is $25 for non-members; $15 for members.


  • PROBUCOLL is launched (young single adults of college and career age).
  • House on the lot between the church and the parsonage is removed to make room for a parking lot.
  • Members vote to change the name of the church to "The Riverside Evangelical Free Church" [no record on file in the Hennepin County Recorder's Office regarding the name change].
  • Revised Constitution is approved.
  • Field Day in the Spring held for Stockade and Battalion groups (Boy's Brigade). Field achievement and test on Stockade log is won by Randy Johnson of the Stockade group.


  • Sunday School birthday offerings go to Paul and Debbie Ras.
  • "Stockader of the Year" award given to Ronald Olson.
  • Joint DVBS with Hope Baptist.
  • Pastor Paul Erdmann's resignation is accepted.
  • Mimeograph machine is purchased. Old machine is to be donated to Marshall Free Church.


  • Pastor Ronald Aggers is called as pastor of the church.
  • Installation Service for Pastor Aggers is held on March 27.
  • Marilyn Olson and Marie Olson help Ruth Swanson with the Colonist group of the Pioneer Girls program.
  • Church-sized organ is purchased (from someone located in Ellsworth, WI).


  • Cshey Musical Messengers special presentation.
  • Temporary plans for a new chapel are drafted to determine approximate cost for a new building.
  • Don Anderson and Morris Peterson are authorized to check into forming a men's volleyball team under the YMCA league and organize it.


  • Special meetings with the Lindquist Brothers.
  • Financial Committee is authorized to continue plans of a building program and negotiate financing for the project.
  • $90,000 financing is approved.
  • Jan Lindstrom breaks her arm.
  • Soil tests indicate the need for additional fill at the building site.
  • Requests for bids for new building are sent out to contractors.


  • $105,000 mortgage with St. Paul Savings and Loan is approved.
  • Education building of the church is completed at a total cost of $107,350.
  • Dedication of education building held November 13.
  • WMS authorizes the purchase of two serving carts.


  • Parking lot is blacktopped.
  • Committee is appointed to reactivate the library (committee members include Delores Samuelson, Alice Mae Lindstrom and Pastor Aggers).
  • Golden Wedding Anniversary for Mr. & Mrs. J. Arthur Johnson is served by the Social Committee of the WMS.
  • WMS and First Free host the Women's Retreat at Camp Shamineau.


  • WMS starts a new project - kitchen stove.
  • Additional chairs and tables are purchased.
  • WMS joins the Betty Crocker Coupon Club Plan. Ruth Swanson is elected "coupon chairman." First 17 place settings of silverware are ordered (Oneida - Twin Star pattern).


  • Special meetings with Rev. Joy Cummings (April 16-20).
  • WMS purchases additional silverware.
  • Anonymous donation of a baby grand piano.
  • 1973 budget is $40,000.


  • New custom-made pulpit furniture is ordered ($589 plus shipping) and hymnals purchased.
  • WMS continues purchasing silverware.
  • Old pulpit furniture is given to Zimmerman EFC. If they cannot use it, then to Pepin EFC.
  • 54 members at the annual meeting.
  • Discussion about a part-time youth pastor.
  • WMS purchases a total of 130 full place settings of Twin Star silverware pattern and 145 spoon/forks; additional gifts of Twin Star silverware pattern are given to WMS; church has about 200 full place settings.


  • Church parking lot is resurfaced.
  • FCYF quizzing begins.
  • As of February 28, the balance on the church mortgage is $94,774.84.
  • Pastor Aggers' resignation is accepted.
  • Pastor Alan Naumann is called as pastor of the church.
  • A floral arrangement is sent to new fire station that opened in the area.
  • FCYF is raising money by selling stationery and doing other services.


  • April 29, 1975, South Vietnam falls to communists.
  • Marlene Sundeen begins as church office secretary.
  • Vietnamese project is started in mid-May and the Dao's are at the church by September.
  • Begin use of Ritual of Friendship.
  • Sunday School gives money to help sponsor Sue Johnson and Gail Martinson while in Guatemala and to Lynn Dudley while in Haiti.
  • Church sponsors Chieu Dao family.
  • Jungle Club begins in September.
  • Roy and Sue Haglund accept assignment to Latin America through MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship).
  • Deacon Board creates a Statement of Purpose: "We exist to provide the kind of spiritual growth that will result in: (1) a vital learning experience with the Word; (2) a vital relational experience to God and one another; and (3) a vital outreach in the world."
  • Chieu Dao is involved in negotiating the release of U.S. and South Vietnamese prisoners.
  • Ladies Bible Study begins.
  • Quiz pads are purchased. 75% of the cost is to be covered by the church; 25% is to be covered by the young people (special project).


  • "Here's Life-Twin Cities" campaign held in the fall ("I Found It").
  • Commissioning service for Roy and Sue Haglund held on January 18.
  • Installation service for Assistant Pastor Craig Stawser.
  • One week of summer camp at Camp Shamineau.
  • General Board proposes a service time change to begin in the fall: morning worship at 9:45 AM and Sunday School at 11:00 AM.


  • Choir concerts at Lund, Wisconsin (April) and Milaca, Minnesota (May).
  • AWANA begins (September).
  • Ten Commandments sermon series (remember the brown notebooks?).
  • Purchase of the house on the south side of the church is discussed.


  • Ordination Service for Pastor Naumann (May 7).
  • Joel Runke, one of 12 Camp Shamineau staff members, breaks a continuous volleyball playing record by playing 41 hours.
  • One week of camp at Camp Shamineau costs $45.
  • Dedication of new choir robes donated by Oscar Lindstrom. Old choir robes (blue) are donated to Zimmerman EFC.


  • Love Loaf program.
  • Focus on the Family film series.
  • Prophecy Sunday School class is taught by Dr. Dunnett from Northwestern College.
  • Revised constitution is approved.


  • Bill Tomlinson is hired as Director of Christian Education.
  • First year operating under new constitution.
  • Pastor Naumann is selected to go to Germany on an exchange-type visit.
  • Sunday School celebrates its 200th birthday.
  • Prayer Team begins.
  • Morning Worship Service time is changed to 9:30 AM.
  • Green carpeting laid in the sanctuary.
  • New flags are purchased for the sanctuary.


  • Two of Hue Dao's brothers and several of their children escape from Vietnam.
  • Missions Conference held - "A Word for a Broken World."
  • General Board recommends having two Sunday morning services beginning in March. In June, the required number of votes for this change was not received.


  • "The Hiding Place" movie is shown on Easter Sunday evening.
  • Church celebrates 75th Anniversary in May. Theme: "Riverside... Past, Present, and Future."
  • Prophetic Series with Dr. Arnold T. Olson speaking on prophecy, Israel and Egypt.
  • Spaghetti Spectacular and Singspiration with the Palermo Brothers.
  • Family pictures taken for church pictorial directory.
  • Cubbie program of AWANA begins.
  • Trustees are authorized to spend up to $5,000 to re-roof the church.
  • "Hymn of Faith" songbooks are purchased.


  • Both Sunday School and Morning Worship summer programming is to be on "Developing Christlike Character" (in-depth study of the Fruit of the Spirit).
  • Swindoll Film series "Strengthening Your Grip."
  • Women's Missionary Society (WMS) changes its name to Women's Ministries.
  • Pastor Naumann and Dr. Bill Hamel (then pastor at West Bloomington EFC) are July Family Camp speakers at Camp Shamineau (studies on the 12 Apostles).
  • Summer Sunday School theme is "Fruit of the Spirit."
  • Women's Ministries sponsors the Twin Cities chapter meeting in July.


  • The Church Unleashed seminar.
  • The Evangelical Free Church of America's 100th Anniversary is held in Ames, Iowa.
  • Camp Shamineau celebrates 25 years.
  • New church constitution is approved and adopted.
  • Bill Tomlinson's resignation is accepted effective June 30.


  • John MacArthur film series (Sunday evenings): The Family.
  • Bible Instruction Class takes on a faith project - Bibles for the World. Goal: 96 Bibles to Ireland.
  • Jason Naumann breaks a leg in an AWANA game accident, which results in multiple surgeries and weeks of being confined to bed "rest."


  • Golden Wedding Anniversary is held at the church for Mr. & Mrs. Henry (Elva) Wimsett on September 21.
  • Wednesday evening video series "How to Manage Your Money" by Larry Burkett.
  • Bible Instruction Class (3 boys) write, produce and present a video called "Back to Israel."
  • White Cross ladies retire (Teckla Falit, Gladys Quesnell, Viola Olson).
  • Ordination Service for Bill Tomlinson at Grace EFC, Duluth, Minnesota.


  • Church considers changing name to "Nokomis Community Evangelical Free Church." Approval is defeated.


  • Pastor Naumann's resignation is accepted.


  • Pastor David Allen is called as pastor of the church.
  • Installation service for Pastor Allen (April 16).


  • Ordination service for Pastor Allen (April 1).
  • Last mortgage payment is made; singspiration and mortgage burning service (June 3).
  • Vacation Bible School theme: "Passport to the Promised Land."
  • Care/Share groups start.


  • All missionaries in Zaire are brought home due to unrest.
  • Joint service on the Persian Gulf War with 1st Free Methodist Church (January 20).
  • Women's Ministries hosts Country Spring Brunch.
  • Sunday School Program "Reflections of Christmas."


  • Security system and sanctuary fans installed.
  • Summer carnival held August 8.
  • Women's Ministries hosts Twin Cities Chapter Meeting (January 25); theme: "Pattern for Living."
  • Two break-ins occur at the church.


  • Mission statement is proposed: "The mission of Riverside Evangelical Free Church is to encourage and to equip believers to grow in love for God and to share not only the Gospel but also their lives with their neighbors."
  • Ruth Swanson completes 16 years as AWANA Commander.
  • Youth Group attends "All Nighter" at Valley Fair (June 11).
  • "Magic in Action", a Christian magic show held on Sunday School Rally Day (September 12).
  • Women's Ministries special project is to redecorate and re-carpet the nursery.
  • Women's Ministries hosts "Wee Willie Winkie Night."


  • NIV Bibles are purchased for Sunday School use.
  • Meet the Transformer Sunday School Contest.
  • Women's Ministries hosts a Victorian Tea.


  • AWANA is suspended.
  • Lower auditorium is painted.
  • "Change the World" Sunday School contest; Sunday School offering is for purchase of Bibles to be distributed by the Gideons; 61 Bibles purchased.


  • Billy Graham meetings in Minnepolis
  • Summer Sunday School theme: "Champions for Jesus."


  • Pastor Allen's resignation is accepted effective July.
  • Women's Ministries hosts Women's Retreat at Camp Shamineau (September).
  • Pew cushions are installed.
  • Hearing assistance equipment is purchased.


  • Pastor Scott Forsberg is called as pastor of the church effective January 1, 1999.


  • Church building is re-roofed due to storm damage.
  • 15 passenger van is purchased.
  • "traditional" Sunday School is discontinued.
  • Electronic keyboard is purchased.
  • New church sign erected.


  • Sanctuary is remodeled.
  • Adult Bible Study on the Book of James.
  • Kids Gym Day ministry held on Saturday mornings.


  • The Prayer of Jabez Bible Study during Sunday School.
  • Frances Olson demonstrates how to make lefse at a Women's Ministries event.


  • Women's Ministries sponsors Operation Christmas Child shoe box ministry; 15 shoe boxes are filled.
  • Constitution reviewed.
  • Pastor Fosberg's resignation is accepted.
  • Kitchen is painted by Women's Ministries.
  • Sudan Hope group holds a meeting at the church.
  • Women's Ministries Bible Study: Bad Girls of the Bible.


  • Metropolitan Airport Commission soundproofs the parsonage (windows, doors, some insulation, A/C).
  • Education building and gym are re-roofed.
  • Chinese Church holds meetings at the church.
  • Women's Ministries holds a Blarney Party.


  • Pastor Prince Lee called to serve as pastor of the church (September).
  • Church van is sold.
  • Installation service for Pastor Lee (November).
  • Women's Ministries ladies AM out - discussion on keeping a journal and prayer; goal for the year is to grow the women of the church.


  • Early church records are translated from Swedish to English.
  • Women's Ministries hols a "Souper Saturday."
  • Men's Ministry sponsors and hosts a Senior Saints Trip to Stillwater.


  • Women's Ministries hosts "Bagels & Beans" meeting (March 11).
  • Parsonage garage repaired and siding added.
  • "Open Gym" held for area children.


  • Centennial Celebration (June 29, 30 and July 1).